Three One-of-a-Kind Spanish Christmas Treats

If there’s one country on Earth that does it right for the holidays in terms of food, we’d have to say that that country is Spain. In addition to the extravagant and fabulous seafood feasts that families prepare to celebrate the Christmas holidays, these Mediterraneans also know how to do sweets right.

Here are three Spanish sweet treats that are delicious and one-of-a-kind.


If there’s one holiday treat that is world-famous outside of Spain, it has to be turron. This candy comes in two varieties, hard and soft, but contains the same ingredients. Made with toasted almonds, egg whites, honey, and sugar, this delicious treat is beloved both in and outside of the country’s borders.


Polvorones are a crumbly shortbread cookie that originates from the southern region of Andalusia. Served inside of a wrapper, it’s important to compress the cookie into a ball with your hand before opening it. If not, it crumbles all over the place and is difficult to eat!


This dessert, which is now especially popular in other Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina and Uruguay, originated in the times of Moorish rule in the Iberian Peninsula. Consisting of a wafer exterior with an interior consisting of dulce de leche, this sweet sandwich cookie is beloved in southern Spain.