Top 5 Dishes That You Can Make with Leeks

Photo by NONAMESONTHEWAY on Unsplash

Leeks are best known for their onion-like flavor and many health benefits, but they’re not an extremely popular veggie. Most people avoid eating them because they’re not exactly sure how, but there are many fun ways you can add them to your diet—starting with these five.


If we had to name the most popular dish made with leeks, potato leek soup would make the cut. Your leeks will have a soft and mild flavor after being boiled and that’s why they’re a popular soup ingredient.

Leeks + Potatoes

Speaking of potato leek soup, leeks and potatoes are a great combo, and you can’t go wrong with adding some leeks to your mashed potatoes.


The best thing about stir-fries is that they can be made with pretty much anything, and leeks are no exception.

Roasted Leeks

Grilling and roasting your leeks is another interesting way to eat them – you just need to cut them in half lengthwise and see how delicious they taste when eaten on their own.


Some people enjoy eating leeks while they’re still raw. If you happen to be one of them, try thinly slicing them and using them as a salad topping.