Unhealthy Properties of Dried Fruits That You Should Keep in Mind

Dried fruits
Photo by K8 on Unsplash

Calling fruits unhealthy may seem pretty crazy, but this happens to be the case with some of them—most notably, dried fruits. Unlike fresh and frozen fruits, dried ones won’t do wonders for your healthy diet, and here’s a few things you should keep in mind when eating them.

Sugar Overload

One of the worst things about processed dried fruits is that they’re often loaded with sugars. They may be better than candy, but they definitely don’t fall under the same category as fresh fruits. It’s important to check the labels before buying them because it’s common to coat them with syrup or sugar before they’re dried, and this decreases their healthy properties.

Calorie Galore

Since they’re loaded with sugar, dried fruits often have high calorie content. It’s down to you to make your choice, so you should opt for fresh fruits whenever possible because they’re healthier in every single way—and also lower in calories.

No Moderation

Fructose that dried fruits contain doesn’t send a signal to your brain once you’re full, and that’s why they’re so addictive. Dried fruits aren’t necessarily bad for you if you eat them in moderation, but it’s common to go through an entire bag without even noticing.