Vegetable Peeler Uses That Never Crossed Your Mind

Image via Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

No kitchen is complete without a vegetable peeler. Not only is it tiny, affordable, and easy to use, but this essential kitchen tool is more versatile than you think. In addition to peeling carrots, potatoes, and other veggies, it comes with a long list of alternative uses that never crossed your mind.

Shred Cabbage

In addition to peeling veggies, this kitchen tool can do a great job shredding them. Cabbage is the most obvious choice, and a vegetable peeler can help you shred it into smaller pieces.

Chocolate Curls

Chocolate curls are picture-perfect and delicious decorations for all sorts of different desserts, ranging from brownies and cupcakes to tarts and pancakes. If you’re not sure how to make them on your own, simply run a vegetable peeler down the surface of your chocolate to get the job done.

Melted Butter

Melting frozen butter usually takes time, but if you want to get it done ASAP simply shave off a couple of slices with your vegetable peeler to help it melt faster.

Cheese Slices

The same technique can be used on your cheese whenever you’re trying to get extra-thin slices that you can use to decorate your pasta, sandwiches, salads, and cheese boards.