Why You Should Drink Water While Drinking Coffee

A mug of coffee with a glass of water
Photo by Drew Willson on Unsplash

In many European cities, it’s common for waiters to serve customers a cup of water with their cappuccino. This isn’t just because they’re trying to be fancy. There’s actually a scientific reason why it’s important to be drinking water while drinking coffee, and we shouldn’t ignore it. Let’s dive in!

Keeping Yourself Hydrated

It’s well known that coffee dehydrates us. And yet, so often people don’t feel the need to hydrate themselves while they drink coffee. Drinking water won’t nullify the positive effects of coffee, but it will fix the negative effects caused by it. So keep yourself hydrated!

Easing Your Stomach

Due to its high level of acidity, coffee is also known to irritate your stomach. This is especially true in the morning, or if you’ve been feeling particularly icky lately. Water, in return, will help settle your stomach from the effects of coffee.

The Coffee Will Taste Better

Yes, it’s true. By drinking water with your coffee, you’ll cleanse your palate over and over again. As a result, the sips of coffee you take will constantly feel renewed and refreshed. Sparkling water is especially effective when it comes to cleansing one’s palate, so we highly recommend doing it.