You Have to Try These Craft Vodkas

Photo by Hessam Hojati on Unsplash

These days, vodka isn’t just a clear, tasteless mixer that’s used at college parties for cheap drinks. One of the hottest trends in alcohol that have appeared recently is the rise of craft vodka.

Made using artisanal methods and using small-batch, locally-sourced ingredients, craft vodka is a great way to appreciate vodka for what it is. Instead of having to hide it in cheap mixed drinks, vodka can be enjoyed on the rocks when you know which one to buy.

Here are some recommendations for craft vodkas you just have to try.


This vodka comes from Iceland, where it is made with water drawn from one of the island’s lava fields. It’s made with wheat and barley and has an incredible smooth mouthfeel and pleasant taste.

Corbin Vodka

Corbin’s product is made using sweet potatoes, which makes it unique in and of itself. This California distillery uses the locally-grown tubers to make a vodka with a light sweetness.

Fair Quinoa Vodka

Following the theme of unique bases, this French vodka uses fair-trade quinoa grown in the high Andes of South America to make its product, giving it an intriguing blend of spiciness and subtle sweetness. Yum.

Snow Leopard

Want to feel good about your vodka purchase? This Polish company donates 15% of its profits to the Snow Leopard Trust, which helps to protect the endangered Asian animal. Its wheat and spelt-made vodka isn’t only environmentally conscious, it’s also delicious.