You Might Not Know that These Foods Contain Caffeine

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

Have you had trouble sleeping lately after eating certain foods? It’s possible that you might be consuming foods that contain caffeine.

Caffeine is a chemical substance that promotes wakefulness and prevents most people from resting and sleeping. While it’s most commonly known as something that people consume in coffee and tea, it’s actually present in some foods that are commonly eaten as well.

Here are some foods that you might’ve never known contained caffeine.


The cacao beans which are used to make chocolate are actually naturally quite high in caffeine. A bar of dark chocolate might even contain more caffeine than a cup of black tea! Stay away from chocolate at night if you find yourself having trouble getting rest.

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Protein Bars

Did you know that protein bars are sometimes loaded with caffeine? Some manufacturers deliberately add caffeine in order to provide consumers with an energy boost, while others contain chocolate which makes them have a punch of caffeine.

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Ice Cream

Ah, ice cream. While it’s popular as a bedtime snack, you’ll actually want to be careful about going to town on a pint if you’re caffeine-sensitive. Ice creams don’t only pack a sugar punch, but they can also give you a caffeine jolt, especially if it’s coffee or chocolate flavored.