3 Chicken Dishes to Make in Your Instant Pot

Instant Pot pressure cooker
Instant Pot pressure cooker on kitchen counter with beans and rice. Image via StephanieFrey/Deposit Photos

If you’ve got an instant pot, you know how useful they are for making a quick and easy meal. There are tons of recipes that will let you dump your ingredients in the pot and walk away. If you’re looking for a good recipe, it might be hard to narrow down. So here are some to use when what you have on hand is chicken.

Shredded Chicken

As the base for lots of great dishes, shredded chicken is a delicious protein for any meal. This recipe is a super quick way to make shredded chicken with great flavor and tenderness. You can throw in whatever spices and herbs you like to flavor your chicken and some chicken stock, then cook for ten minutes.

Cream Cheese Chicken and Pasta

This super-rich, creamy, cheesy pasta is a hearty meal which is great for when you’re really hungry. The instant pot makes cooking the sauce much quicker and easier.

Chicken Korma

this delicious Indian chicken korma recipe does involve a bit of prep as you’ll have your pot on sauté mode first and need to cook up your onions, spices, and gravy. But then you can add the chicken and broth and cook under pressure for a much faster meal than you’d get in a regular pan, and totally worth the few extra steps.