The Healthiest Fruits to Eat When You’re Expecting

Photo by Pranjall Kumar on Unsplash

Being pregnant can be a lot of work, one reason being that you have to monitor much of what you eat to make sure it’s good for the baby. Many different foods have specific things that are healthy for a fetus and plenty of seemingly random foods are known as harmful. If you’re craving fruit and you want to get vitamins to your baby at the same time, here are some of the best to eat.

Citrus Fruits

Since they are bursting with vitamin C, citrus fruits are especially healthy for those who are expecting: vitamin C helps babies grow strong bones. In addition, citrus fruits can be helpful in preventing nausea and regulating digestion, so they may help with morning sickness too.


Kiwis have lots of folic acid, which is well-known as an important supplement for pregnant people. Folic acid helps prevent fetal growth defects. Kiwi may also help promote a better oxygen flow through the blood to the fetus by making it easier for the blood to absorb iron.


As a great source of potassium, bananas can help with a range of discomforts experienced in pregnancy. They can help regulate blood pressure and fluid, and they help with muscle soreness as well as leg cramps, swollen feet, and other aches and pains.