3 Delicious Fruits That Are Also The Stickiest

Fruits in a basket
Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on Unsplash

Fruit can be amazing in so many ways, but it can also be incredibly inconvenient and frustrating in the wrong circumstances. Fresh, tasty fruit can sometimes be the most delicious thing—but that very same fruit can make your hand sticky for a whole day. Yeah, stickiness isn’t fun, which is why we’ve compiled this quick list of the stickiest fruits around.


Mango is notorious for being just as polarizing as we’ve described. It can be the tastiest fruit imaginable, but you have to be “ready” for it. You have to be in a circumstance where you’re ready to get your hand dirty because it might be the stickiest fruit in existence.


Oranges, while not usually as sticky as mangos, are also pretty darn sticky. Especially when you consider the fact that orange juice is always squirting out in all different directions while you’re eating it.


And then of course we have pineapples. This spiky fruit that looks like it could’ve been Tom Hanks’ best pal on an island in Cast Away is darn delicious, but also can be just as sticky as the rest of them. Just make sure you’ve got a napkin on hand!