Going Bananas: Fun Facts About This Popular Fruit

Photo by matthew Feeney on Unsplash

Banana Day, celebrated around the world on April 17th, is a great opportunity to get educated about this fabulous fruit, ideal for anything from fruit salad to smoothies to banana bread. So, grab a banana, and let’s begin.

Banana-Latex Connection

Watch out if you’re allergic to bananas, since you might be sensitive to latex, too. It turns out that about half of latex-sensitive folks share a banana allergy, all thanks to tricky proteins hiding inside.

Banana Varieties

There’s a lot more than one kind of banana! With over 1000 types divided into 50 groups, there’s a unique banana for every palate—from the Cavendish to the Gros Michel.


They’re not just tasty: Research reveals that regularly eating potassium-rich bananas can help against stroke and heart attack risks. They keep your arteries in top shape by fighting stiffness.

Slippery Science

Ever wondered why bananas are so slippery? In 2014, a physics team won an Ig Nobel Prize for finding the answer to this question. Apparently, the slipperiness comes from the polysaccharide molecules in the peel.

Monkey Business

Monkeys have a totally different banana-peeling playbook compared to humans. Instead of our top-down approach, they go upside-down for easier peeling. Might be worth trying!