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Doris Day Is a Beautiful Cafe in St. Petersburg

Could Doris Day be the most beautiful cafe in Russia? We think so! People from all over the world love to stop by when they are in Moscow, and it’s clear why –...

Uruguay is Meat Paradise

If you had to guess which country on earth eats the most meat per capita, you’d probably guess the United States, right? Well, you would...

This Taco Docu-Series is Drool-Worthy!

If you’re a fan of tacos, you’re definitely gonna wanna watch this! Netflix has created a new show which perfectly captures the perfection that is Mexico’s greatest culinary export.

You Have to Visit These 3 New York Delis

New York City is one of the most exciting places to eat in the world. With a mix of classic and eclectic dining institutions, it’s impossible to get bored while eating in the...

Give Thailand’s Best Street Foods a Try!

Street food is becoming more and more popular every year. Nothing beats the convenience and cheap price of food that you can buy at this road-side stands, giving you an authentic taste of...
Learn How To Cook Mongolian Beef With This Simple Recipe

Learn How to Cook Mongolian Beef With This Simple Recipe

If you always order Mongolian beef in restaurants, it's about time you learned how to do it at home as well. Ingredients:

The Coolest Items On the McDonalds Menu

Ever wondered what McDonals looks likes in other countries? Although the menu stays fairly similar, some countries offer their own unique variations on the classic menu items. Here are the most bizarre.

Love Tomatoes and Festivals? Look No Further than This Spanish Event

Ever dreamed of getting involved in a massive food fight that involves launching 145,000 kilograms of tomatoes at your friends and other participants? Well, look...

The Best Street Food To Try In Penang, Malaysia

While history lovers flock to Beijing and beach lovers head to Bali, foodies delight in the incredible array of dining available in Penang, Malaysia. In addition the collection of 5* restaurants, you will...

This Instagram Foodie Shows Off the Best Bites of Morocco We've traveled to a lot of countries, but of all of them, our favorite to eat in just might be the North African country of Morocco.


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