Got a Sore Throat? Here are Some Foods to Help Soothe It

Photo by Tiard Schulz on Unsplash

With the cold season among us, we have found the best food to soothe a sore throat. These options might be a little bland, but not many people want spicy food when their throat hurts. As such, keep reading for a few foods to consume when you have a sore throat and thank us later!


Yogurt is a tasty and healthy snack that is packed with probiotics and really smooth, making it easy and soothing to swallow, especially if you have a sore throat.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a creamy and comforting food for any occasion, but especially when you are having trouble swallowing! Mashed potatoes are great any time of day and are sure to satisfy that savory craving without aggravating your throat. Add Parmesan and garlic to your potatoes for an extra pop of flavor and turn this delicious side into the main piece.


Pasta is a versatile food that can be made in numerous ways, that is hearty and satisfying. Cook the pasta a little longer than you normally would so that it is softer and easier to swallow.


Soup is the ultimate panacea for any flu-like symptom you may have. It’s a universal healing food when you have any sickness and can be made in a variety of ways that will warm your whole body like a hug.