3 Great Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea
Image by Mirko Stödter from Pixabay

Green tea is a hugely popular drink. It originated in China but is now consumed all around the world. Its fresh and bitter taste is unique and enjoyed by many, but in addition to this, there are numerous benefits associated with drinking it. It’s high in caffeine, so it may not be ideal to drink before bed. However, having a daily cup of green tea may have some great outcomes on your health.

It’s Full of Antioxidants

Green tea isn’t processed in the same way that black tea is so it is better for a balanced diet and much higher in certain antioxidants which have known health benefits. These include helping protect the body from various diseases.

It Can Boost Metabolism and Increase alertness

Due to its high caffeine content, there is evidence to suggest that green tea boosts metabolism. One significant outcome of this boost can be improved fat burning. As well as boosting metabolism, caffeine is known to help people be more alert.

Great for Your Skin

Green tea is anti-inflammatory and so may help to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and calm. There is evidence to suggest the benefits of drinking it for managing acne too.