3 Great Ways to Add Protein to Pancakes

Pancakes typically don’t fall into the “healthy food” category, but there are ways to make them a lot healthier and to enjoy them without guilt. While traditional pancakes are packed with simple carbs and are a great option for an occasional treat, you can actually make protein-packed pancakes that are amazing for everyday breakfasts.

Add Kefir

Kefir is a recent healthy food craze, but there’s a good reason for that. It has probiotics and a lot of protein, so it’s a perfect option for making pancake topping. Just blend it together with a banana and pour it over your pancakes.

Sweet Potato

Try making 2-ingredient pancakes with sweet potato and eggs. Add cinnamon for flavor and you’ll have a nutritious, guilt-free meal whenever you feel like it.

Almond Flour

Instead of using wheat flour, make pancakes with almond flour. Swap sugar with stevia or honey and you’ll get the perfect low-carb pancakes you can eat as often as you want.

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You MUST try these Almond Flour Pancakes! 🥞 They are the perfect addition to your weekend brunch, made with just 5 main ingredients. I think they taste better than the traditional version! • I love that these pancakes are naturally gluten-free and will keep you full, thanks to their extra fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Almond flour is naturally low-carb, so you can make these #ketopancakes by skipping the maple syrup as mentioned in the recipe! • However, they are downright addictive when you make them as written and will impress any brunch guests you might have over. 😉 I’m still working on an egg-free option, if you saw me testing that in my IG stories yesterday, so stay tuned. Right now I can tell you that banana and arrowroot both DO NOT work well as a substitute for the egg. 😭 (I’m guessing a flax egg won’t be a perfect sub either, just FYI) I do link to several of my favorite VEGAN pancake recipes in this post if you need some good GF ideas, though! • You can get the recipe for these delicious pancakes by clicking my profile link 👉 @detoxinista and then clicking on this photo! • • • https://detoxinista.com/almond-flour-pancakes/ • #almondflourrecipes #almondflour #almondflourpancakes #paleopancakes #paleobreakfast #glutenfreepancakes #glutenfreebreakfast #grainfreeliving #grainfree #ketobreakfast #healthybreakfastideas #pancakesunday #pancakerecipes #pancakes #feedfeed #dairyfreerecipes #detoxinista #glutenfreekids #dairyfreekids

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