The Hungry Gentleman’s Photos Will Make You Hungry in a Matter of Seconds

Thehungrygentleman is currently one of the most popular foodie Instagram accounts. The guy behind it, named Kevin, is a chef living in New York City. His creative and aesthetically pleasing photos have brought him almost 70k Instagram followers already. Scroll down to see why!

It’s not easy to stand out in today’s world of social media. It seems like anyone can gain access to good photography equipment and there are millions of people who want to make it as food photographers, which is why we’re so impressed when someone actually does something different. Kevin takes all his photos in the same way: holding food in his hand, with some fancy designer shoes, and he adds graphics that list all the ingredients. He’s not the only one who follows the food-in-hand concept, but his photos stand out.

Below are some of the photos from his Instagram account and you can see more by following him. Don’t his photos make you hungry? We know they have that effect on us!