3 Thanksgiving Dishes to Make in Advance

Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

If you’re the one preparing the Thanksgiving dinner, you know how much work it requires. Anytime saving tip is appreciated, and today we’re sharing with you three dishes you can make an advance.


Many people make stuffing days before Thanksgiving because it can be frozen and won’t lose flavor. Some people even claim that stuffing tastes better when it’s made ahead. Of course, you will freeze it without baking and bake it the day before or on Thanksgiving day.


Any casserole can be made in advance, so make sure to use that to your advantage. Whether you make one a week ahead to freeze and bake on Thanksgiving day or make one from scratch the day before, know that it will reheat well and basically stay delicious no matter what you do.


Although we don’t recommend making the desserts several days ahead, your totally fine making them the day before. Not only your cakes and pies will stay delicious for a few days, we doubt they will last that long anyway — because everybody loves dessert!