You Have to Try These Spanish Liquors

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Despite most of its liquors not being well-known outside of the country’s borders, Spain is a country that produces lots of delicious spirits. The country’s varied tastes and geographies have led to a stunning variety of liquors that are definitely worth a try.

Here are three Spanish liquors that you should seek out to taste if you get the chance to do so!

Licor Cafe

Originating in the northwestern region of Galicia, licor cafe is a drink that combines alcohol with coffee. A clear liquor called aguardiente is mixed with coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus peels and is then filtered to make this tasty treat. It’s great on the rocks for sipping as an after-dinner drink. 

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Patxaran has a funny name and a unique flavor, but when you get used to it, this liquor will become one of your favorites. Sloe berries are soaked in anis liquor for months before this bright red liquor is finished, carrying a fresh and fruity flavor.


Spain is well-known for making wine, and this liquor is made as a result of one of the by-products of wine production. Orujo, a clear liquor originating from the north of the country, is made with fermented grape skins that are made into a strong brandy. Yum!