3 Tips For Making Delicious, Refreshing Sangria

Refreshing sangria
Image by kan chansathya from Pixabay

Sangria—this fruity, boozy drink is a summer essential. It’s one of the easiest cocktails to make in bulk, and it makes any party or gettogether even better. With these three tips, your sangria will be even better and we guarantee there won’t be any leftover. Here’s how to make the best sangria.

Choosing Wine

Pretty much any type of wine can be used for sangria, but don’t use a really cheap one. The bottle you use should be one you’d drink on its own.

Adding Fruits and Herbs

It’s easy to go overboard with fruits and herbs, but just include ones that complement the wine. If you’re using white wine, tropical fruits and melon are great pairings. Regardless of what fruit you use, make sure it’s ripe and juicy. For the herbs, you don’t want to use bruised herbs because they don’t have much flavor.

More Booze

Wine isn’t the only alcohol you can add to sangria. Many recipes call for other liquors and liqueurs. Add just a little bit of extra booze or else your drink will be way too strong. If you want to get the flavor of liqueur without adding too much alcohol, top the pitcher with seltzer water or club soda before serving.