3 Tips for Using Nuts as One of Your Smoothie Ingredients

Smoothie with nuts
Photo by Elena Leya on Unsplash

Pretty much anything can be added to your smoothies if you’re creative enough—including all sorts of nuts. From walnuts and almonds to pecans and cashews, nuts can truly take your smoothies to the next level, but here are a few things you should take into consideration before adding them to the mix.

Fat Content

Most people add nuts to their smoothies because they can effectively add some healthy fats to the equation. On the other hand, it’s important to remember to use nuts in moderation because they’re packed with a lot of calories and you shouldn’t go overboard with them.

Right Blender

Raw nuts are much firmer than most of your regular smoothie ingredients, and your blender has to be powerful enough to handle them. Soaking and skinning your nuts beforehand is also an option, and you might blend them several times if your blender isn’t strong enough.

Nut Butters

If your blender isn’t up to the task of blending nuts, you can always use nut butter in its place. The tricky thing about store-bought verities is that they tend to contain sugar and artificial flavorings, so make sure to check the label before buying them.