3 Tips to Help You Stop Overeating

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Many of us have times in which we overeat, but do you know why it happens and how you can prevent it? Overeating basically happens because of hormonal imbalance. When your stress levels are higher than usual, your cortisol levels rise. There are also hormones of hunger and fulness involved, and all of them together can make you feel hungry all the time. How do you prevent overeating and break this unhealthy habit?

Find Time to Relax

Whenever you’re feeling an urge to eat something and you know it’s not real hunger, try to relax and/or meditate for a while. If you still can’t skip your snack after this, try replacing it with something healthier.

Slow Eating

If you give yourself time to eat slowly, you’ll give your brain time to understand that you’re full and it’ll lower the chance of overeating. 


Not only you will burn some of the calories, but exercise will also help you keep the stress level under control, which can help a lot with overeating.