3 Treats You Should Absolutely Add Chocolate To

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

How many foods are both more delicious and versatile than chocolate? It goes well with almost every flavor profile—salty, spicy, bitter, and of course, sweet. It shines best in sweets and desserts, but there are plenty of other treats that would absolutely benefit from adding some chocolate. Here are a few you probably never thought of.

Single-Flavor Ice Cream

If you buy a pint of vanilla, coffee, or strawberry ice cream, you might not think about adding mix-ins since you’re at home. Chocolate chips add a perfect layer of crunch and bitterness to almost any ice cream flavor—and you can just throw them directly into the carton!

Pecan Pie

The rich flavors of pecan and butter are only elevated when chocolate is added. Pecan pie is a classic dessert and chocolate is a great way to upgrade it in different ways.

For example, sweet, creamy chocolate will mix in well with butter and up the richness, whereas, dark chocolate will add a splash of bitterness to cut through the sweetness and balance out the flavors.


We often think of yogurt as a breakfast food, so we don’t think about chocolate as a potential mix-in. Yet, like ice cream, chocolate chips can add crunch and bitterness to a single-flavor yogurt. If you use dark chocolate chips with minimal sugar, you won’t even bring down the healthy factor, since dark chocolate can be nutritious and beneficial in moderation.

You can also use chocolate syrup to flavor plain yogurt.