3 Ways to Prepare Chicken Breast

Chicken breast
Photo by Philippe Zuber

Chicken breast is one of the most popular foods out there, and for good reason. Aside from being an amazing source of protein, it also happens to be pretty darn delicious. Not just that, but there are so many different ways to prepare chicken breast, and here’s what they are.

Grilled Chicken Breast

Let’s start with the most basic one of all: the grilled chicken breast. This it just chicken breast as simple as possible, with perhaps some seasonings but not much else. As simple as it is, it’s the healthiest version on this list and incredibly tasty.

Crispy Chicken Breast (Schnitzel)

Then, of course, you have the iconic crispy chicken breast, or schnitzel for some. Made by dipping the breast into egg, flour, and breadcrumbs, before frying it on a pan, this is one of the tastiest chicken breast varieties out there.

Marinated Chicken Breast

We shouldn’t sleep on yet another great chicken breast variety: marinated chicken breast. If you’re someone who loves their sauces, this is probably a dish you’ll be obsessed with. Again, this isn’t as healthy as grilled chicken breast on its own, but it’s still a great source of protein—so why not give it a go?