5 Clever Ways to Spice Up Your Boring Chicken

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Chicken is the most nutrient-rich meat of all, but there is a downside – if we eat it too much, it can get boring. In order to avoid that, add some of these recipes to the mix and enjoy your taste bud paradise.

Smothered chicken casserole

If you want to impress your guests and family and not invest too much effort, this casserole is the best possible choice to eat healthily and nicely.


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Slow cooker butter chicken

By slow cooking the chicken, you won’t change the texture that much, but you will improve the taste greatly. The butter and the spices are all a welcome addition.

Skinny chicken Milanese with balsamic Arugula salad

For special occasions, you can take this recipe and transform it the way you want. It’s not that easy to make, but with sufficient preparation, you can’t come off a five-star chef.

Asian barbecued chicken with vegetable sheet-pan dinner

Regular friend chicken with veggies got boring? Add some veggies, sauce, and spices and put it all in a pan. It’s basically the same dish, but with a greatly improved taste.

Chicken queso lasagna

Adding some pasta to the chicken is an ideal move to allow you to have a fuller, but still a healthy meal. If you want to change things up for yourself – this is a great decision.

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