5 Delicious Ways to Use Plums

Juicy plums
Photo by Maria Siriano on Unsplash

Plums are one of the most delicious summer fruits and each year, we look forward to when they’re in season. Ripe plums are juicy and sweet, making them ideal for desserts and underripe ones, a crisp, which is perfect for savory dishes. If you have more plums than you know what to do with, here are five delicious ways to use them.


Have you tried pickled plums? To make them, pack them in jars with a spiced vinegar brine to make pickled plums that taste great in cocktails or with roasted meat.


Caramelized plums taste great when added to salads or ice cream and all you have to do is brown plum wedges in a skillet with honey.


Add a little olive oil to plums and grill them until they’re charred. Add them to salads, meats, or enjoy them for a guilt-free, easy dessert.


Fruit is a delicious addition to salads and plums are no exception. Slice some up and add them to a salad, couscous, or slaw for a crunchy, sweet addition.


Cut plums into bite-size pieces and fold them into cakes for a delicious fruity addition. Plums are the unexpected addition your desserts have been missing.