5 Drinks You Have To Order If You Want To Look Fancy

Image by @the_ginstitute /Instagram

There are certain occasions in life that call for a classier sort of drink.

Now, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a good old classic like a rum and coke, but when you’re out with your friends and looking to class things up a bit, it can be a good idea to venture outside of your comfort zone a little.

Whether you’re at a fancy ballroom-style wedding or a super high-end nightclub, the five drinks we’ve included below are practically guaranteed to make you look fancy.

1. The “Not Phil” Collins

First up on our list of super classy drinks is the Tom Collins. One could argue that it’s not actually as classy because when you boil it down, it’s really just fizzy lemonade for adults. However, considering the fact that it was created by “the father of American mixology” Jerry Thomas, we feel it’s earned its place on this list.

There are several variants of the classic Tom Collins recipe, but at its essence, it’s a refreshing blend of gin, citrus (lemon or lime juice), and carbonated water.

What’s In It?


Lemon juice


Carbonated water

2. A Drink With A Musical History

You know a drink is fancy when it’s named after a 20th century Edwardian musical comedy. For those who like a little bit of fruitiness but don’t want to have resort to the classic Vodka Cranberry, the Florodora is a great choice. The spice of the ginger mixed with the sweetness of the raspberry combine to create a fragrantly seductive cocktail.

What’s In It?


Raspberry liqueur

Ginger syrup

3. An Old Fashioned Cocktail Experiencing A Resurgence

If you like your G&T (that’s gin and tonic for the uninitiated) to be light on the T and heavy on the G, the Gin Rickey is a solid choice. Although the Rickey was originally served with either bourbon or gin, the gin version has definitely become the most popular option by far in the last decade. It’s a simple drink – with only three ingredients – but sometimes being understated with your drink choice is the best way to class things up.

What’s In It?


Lime juice

Club soda

4. The Hometown Specialty Of New Orleans


A drink that was so popular in New Orleans at one point that they had to employ teams of bartenders to take turns shaking the drinks, the Gin Fizz is perfect if you’re feeling slightly more adventurous. Basically, it’s a Gin and Tonic with one notable addition – egg whites. The frothy, whipped egg whites rest on top of the drink and give it a light and ethereal character.

What’s In It?


Lemon Juice

Egg whites

5. The Drink Of Summer

If you’re at a posh rooftop party but it’s swelteringly hot outside, the Cucumber Cooler could be the ideal drink-of-choice. Another twist on the classic Gin and Tonic recipe, this drink adds pineapple syrup and cucumber juice to keep things light and refreshing. Add cucumber slices to garnish for a pleasant crunch.

What’s In It?


Cucumber juice

Pineapple syrup