5 Unexpected Ways to Use Pickle Juice

Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

Forget about pouring that pickle juice down the drain. You can re-use it in the best possible ways. The future is all about recycling, so why not do the same with food. This means that you’ll be saving both money and a trip to the supermarket. These are some of the most unexpected ways you never thought you could use this juice.

It’s a Healthy Drink

You might not believe this one, but it is actually true. You should definitely drink it to relieve muscle cramps. This applies to all types of cramps including the ones after a workout, PMS and more.

How About Pickled Carrots?

The truth about pickle juice is that you can use it to make more pickled food. You can do any vegetables you like to have pickled just by putting them in this juice. Carrots are definitely the best option. Avocado, onions, cucumbers are also great choices.

The New Vinegar

You can now substitute vinegar with pickle juice. It has almost the same taste. It will give your meals a very nice sour-y touch.

Clean Your House

There is no need to use chemicals anymore. Simply opt for this juice and your job around the house will me much easier.

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