A Couple Cooks Frozen Pizza Under Led Lights

Photo by Pinar Kucuk on Unsplash

“Can you cook pizza with water cooled 5000w led lights that out put around 2000 watts of pure visible light? Or will it just shine really brightly and stay cold? We will find out using these huge high speed filming lights!” This is a description of the video you can see below posted by the Finnish couple Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Youtube channel Beyond the Press. They wanted to test if a frozen pizza can be cooked with strong LED lights and later tasted the result. They also put some eggs to fry and you can see how that went in the second half of the video.

This duo is behind the popular Youtube channel Hydraulic Press Channel that has 2.2 million subscribers. Beyond the Press is their other channel where they show behind-the-scenes material and other things that happen when they film. The video with most views is titled Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press and it’s been seen over 22 million times.