A Literal Translation Lends a Daring Edge to the First Meal of the Day

We hear it all the time: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you didn’t rush out of the house in the morning and actually had the time to eat your breakfast in peace?

Spanish photographer Tessa Dóniga was inspired by this meal to create a series of surreal photos titled Break/Fast, due to the literal translation of the word to Spanish. She shows many different ways in which you can “break the fast” with this morning meal, some more literal than the others.

“The fact that I’m bilingual makes me wonder more,” Tessa told Gestalten. “When I try to translate some words into one language from another, I question myself. My challenge was to set in one image both terms in a visual composition that would be recognizable to the viewer.”