You Can Eat an Upside Down Whopper from Stranger Things at Burger King

As we’re anxiously awaiting for the third season of Stranger Things, companies are trying to make a few extra bucks by selling merch based on the show. The popularity of everything Stranger Things-themed clearly tells us that this is one of the most popular shows of our time.

Burger King has recently announced that they will be offering an Upside Down Whopper to fans of the show. What does this mean, exactly?

Once we learned that an Upside Down Whopper is just their regular Whopper served… well, upside down, we were a bit less excited. Still, the product will come in cool Stranger Things packaging, which is perfect for eating while watching the new season of the show.

The Upside Down Whooper is available in just 11 selected locations in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta. The show returns on Netflix on July 4th.