Are You Making Your Wacky Mac This Way?

Mac and Cheese
Image by wesweaver from Pixabay

If you’ve never heard about Wacky Mac, we highly suggest heading over to your nearest supermarket and picking up a box. This is because it’s one of the most popular guilty pleasures the world has ever seen—at least for people who love mac n’ cheese. Wacky Mac is basically instant mac n’ cheese, except instead of cheese, you get an orange cheese packet filled with all kinds of tasty chemicals (although the box claims its made with real cheese, so we’ll take it). The best way to make it is to optimize the sauce.

Once you’ve got the pasta cooked, there are two routes you can go—and surprisingly, most people only know about one of them. Most people first put the pasta into the pot, and only afterwards start adding the other ingredients.

But you should actually be doing the opposite. Instead of adding the pasta first, keep it in the strainer for later. Now it’s time to mix up the butter, milk, and orange cheese packet in the pot over a low flame. When you’ve achieved a consistent texture, now you can add the pasta. The reason this method is better than the former is because you’ll be able to divvy up the cheese sauce more consistently. This will make your Wacky Mac more balanced—and ultimately, much better!