Be Sure to Frequently Clean These Kitchen Surfaces

Cleaning your kitchen
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

It is always important to maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen, but especially so in these times of pandemic in which we are currently living. Disinfecting your kitchen’s most-used surfaces is a great way to ensure that you won’t become sick from microbes that can accumulate in these places. We touch a lot of places in our kitchens with frequency, but sometimes forget to disinfect them. Here are three places in your kitchen that you should definitely clean frequently to stay healthy.

Faucet Handles

Every time you go to wash your hands or dishes in the kitchen, you end up touching the faucet handle of your sink. This is an especially dirty place where germs often accumulate, so be sure to disinfect here frequently.


Countertops, where food is often prepared before being eaten and served, can get seriously germy and dirty if you don’t take time every day or two to disinfect them. This is an absolutely crucial step towards kitchen cleanliness.

Cabinets and Refrigerator Handles

Just think: how many times per day do you open your kitchen’s cabinets or your refrigerator without washing your hands first? Considering that we often eat after touching these handles, you should definitely try to disinfect them on a daily basis.