Beautiful, Delicious Desserts Created by Baked by Steph

Baking cookies may seem like an easy hobby, but you quickly realize how difficult it can get when you actually try it. While simply baking cookies is a pretty straightforward process, decorating them and turning them into little pieces of art is a virtue that few people have.

London-based Stephanie Giordano is among them. Her Instagram page Baked by Steph never fails to put a smile on our faces as we watch her latest delicious creations.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting down to decorate cookies but it can be a frustrating process if you aren’t well prepared,” she told Hello Magazine. “Whether you’re using your own home recipe or an off-the-shelf royal icing, these tips and tricks will help make sure you achieve the perfectly iced cookie every time!”

Scroll down to enjoy her creative desserts and maybe you’ll find inspiration to try making your own! After all, holidays are the perfect time to bond with friends and family over a batch of home-made cookies.