Become a Cupcake Frosting Master in 3 Short Steps

Photo by luisana zerpa on Unsplash

You don’t have to be a pro to bake perfectly delicious cupcakes, but frosting them to perfection takes a little bit more skill. Your cupcakes won’t taste delicious or look adorable if you don’t frost them properly, but you can always try to improve your frosting technique—and these three useful tips will get you there.

Patience, Patience

You shouldn’t rush things when frosting your cupcakes and it’s a good idea to start testing your patience as soon as you get them out of the oven. Let them cool down for a while before frosting them so the buttercream wouldn’t melt.

Timeless Classic

Experimenting with cupcake toppings and frosting is all fun and games when you have experience, but it can be difficult in the beginning. That’s why you should stick to the basics, and buttercream happens to be the timeless classic that you can’t go wrong with when it comes to frosting.

Piping Bonanza

Using a piping bag is the easiest and most popular way to decorate your cupcakes. After filling the bag with buttercream frosting, you’ll pipe the cupcakes in a continuous circle with a technique of your choice. Most piping bags come with several frosting tips and you’ll have a lot of fun experimenting before you find your favorite.