Best Places In Portugal To Eat A Pastel De Nata

Pastel de Nata
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

The home of an array of delicious Mediterranean flavors, Portugal is particularly famous for the custard pastry tart known as the Pastel de Nata. But while many Portuguese cafes claim to make the best Pastel de Natas, here are the ones that have officially come out on top of the list.

O Pãozinho das Marias

Tucked away in the quaint seaside community of Ericeira in O Pãozinho das Marias. This charming bakery is just a few minutes walk from the beach, making it the ideal place to grab a Pastel de Nata on the way to soaking up some sun.

Padaria da Né

This award-winning patisserie in Lisbon has become famous for its Pastel de Natas, selling over 5,000 per day. What’s more, it’s family-run, meaning that a little bit of extra love is placed in every pastry.

Confeitaria da Gloria

As its owner João Castanheira explained, Confeitaria da Gloria started off as a humble store with just four people. Now, it has over 120 workers, signaling just how popular its sweet, custardy Pastel de Natas have become across Portugal.