Best Ways to Use Leftover Brine

Photo by Reka Biro-Horvath on Unsplash

Once all the pickles from the pickle jar are gone, most of us simply pour out the leftover brine, clean the jar, and move on with our lives. But it turns out that the brine you have left has so many uses even when the pickles are gone.

Next time you finish a jar of pickles, don’t be in a rush to throw away the brine. Instead, use it for the following.

Marinate the Chicken with Leftover Brine

This one will change the way you cook chicken. Leftover brine can serve as a great chicken marinade, and it infuses more flavor and even a hint of sweetness into the chicken meat while making it more tender. You can use it as is or add it to your regular marinade.

Add Leftover Brine to Salads

If you want your tuna salad or potato salad to pack more flavor and moisture, then look no further than leftover brine. It also works well with veggie salads as a vinegar substitute.

Make Brine Popsicles

If you like the taste of brine, then leftover brine can be a perfect starting base for popsicles. Simply pour them into popsicle molds, freeze them, and enjoy a refreshing brine popsicle every time you are in the mood for something cold.

Pickle More Veggies

It doesn’t get easier than this. You can use the leftover brine to make more pickles. Simply take fresh veggies, slice them up, add them to the jar with leftover brine, seal tightly, and pop the jar in the fridge. Wait for a few days, and you’ll have a new batch of pickles to enjoy.