Want to Upgrade Your Instant Ramen? Here’s How

Ramen tips
Photo by ikhsan baihaqi on Unsplash

Instant ramen is a low-cost and quick way to have a meal. You just drop a pack of instant ramen in boiling water, wait several minutes, and voila. A ready-to-eat dish is in front of you. While the appeal of instant ramen is that you don’t have to tinker much, it sometimes pays off to make few extra steps and turn a good meal into a great one. Want to know how to effortlessly upgrade your instant ramen? Continue reading below.

Add Some Veggies or Herbs

The best way to upgrade your instant noodles is to add some fresh veggies and/or herbs to them. Just take some carrot slices, garlic, broccoli, or spinach, and add them to instant ramen towards the end of the cooking process. Dried herbs like dill and basil will also work great.

Add An Egg

By adding an egg to the instant ramen, you can make the meal more flavorful and pump it with protein. One option is to whisk an egg and simply pour it into the pot. This will lead to a creamier texture of the dish. Other is to crack an egg directly into the pot and get a poached egg in your ramen.

Add Some Sauce

The cheapest, simplest, and quickest way to upgrade your instant noodles is to sauce them up. Sriracha, soy sauce, Tabasco, and pretty much any other popular sauce will instantly (pun intended) make instant ramen much better.


If you really want to take your ramen over the top, then include some meat in the equation. Fry up some bacon bits and sprinkle them over the cooked ramen. Slice up chicken really thin and add it into the pot while the ramen is cooking. Or even better, use beef or pork leftovers if you have some and top the ramen with it after it’s finished cooking.