Chipotle is Testing a New Plant-Based Chorizo

Chorizo could never be vegan, right? How could it be? It’s a sausage made out of pork meat and pork fat. Well, despite the idea of vegan chorizo seeming outrageous, this is actually a thing now thanks to Chipotle. The popular American fast-food chain recently presented its new invention in the form of plant-based chorizo and has already started testing the item in select restaurants in Indianapolis and Denver for a limited time.

According to Chipotle, their plant-based chorizo is based on “natural protein sourced from freshly grown peas” and contains a healthy dose of seasoning that includes smoked paprika and ancho chili. The new offering, developed by the company itself, doesn’t contain artificial additives and is gluten-free and soy-free. It also comes with 20g of protein per serving.

This is the first of Chipotle’s first vegan protein options since sofritas, the spicy tofu item that launched back in 2014.

If the plant-based Chorizo ends up having a successful rollout, the chain is expected to make it available nationwide as a regular menu item. Interestingly, it would also be the only chorizo on the menu.

Chipotle introduced the “real” chorizo back in 2016, but the item didn’t prove to be a hit with the customers. It stopped being part of the regular menu a year later and is now being offered occasionally as a limited-time option.