Cleveland’s West Side Market is a Foodie Paradise

When you think of a region that has fantastic food markets, the United States probably doesn’t come to mind. Despite a strong culinary tradition and history, other places, such as Europe and Asia, are typically stronger bastions of this type of space.

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Despite this general lack of food markets, there is at least one in the country that is definitely worth checking out.

Constructed in 1912, the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio has been carefully protected and remodeled to make it functional and enjoyable in the 21st century. It’s full of interesting food stands that show off the best of both Cleveland’s local cuisine as well as other treats from around the world.

Featuring nearly 200 food stands, you will find anything that you might need there.

Butchers sell local meat products, florists sell flowers, farmers sell locally-grown and sourced produce, and an eclectic variety of vendors sell all kinds of ready-to-eat food dishes as well.

Cleveland, as a bastion of immigration, has always had a food scene that revolves around influences from places such as Germany, Poland, Russia, Italy, West Africa, and other foreign lands. All of these are on display at the West Side Market.

The next time you take a trip to Cleveland, don’t hesitate and run to check out this American foodie mecca.