Coffee Isn’t the Only Thing You Can Make with Coffee Maker

Coffee maker
Photo by earlybird coffee on Unsplash

Most people only turn on their coffee maker when they’re craving a warm cup of coffee, but this kitchen appliance can be used for so much more than that. The coffee maker comes with a long list of alternative uses that never crossed your mind, and here are some of the very best.


The coffee maker is a perfect kitchen tool for preparing “just add water” dishes. You can use it to prepare some quick and easy soups, especially instant noodles.


Hard-boiled eggs are another quick and easy dish that you can cook inside your coffee maker. Ten minutes is usually all it takes for them to cook inside this kitchen appliance, as long as they’re fully covered with water.

Grilled Cheese

Cooking food inside the coffee maker isn’t the only way to put it to some good use. Its heat plate can double down as a tiny griddle—just cover it with some tin foil and use it to prepare some quick dishes, such as grilled cheese.


Pancakes are another tasty snack that you can prepare using a coffee maker’s heat plate, especially if you’re thinking of baking a smaller amount for one or two people.