Cool Kitchen Hacks From Hello Kristen

Kitchen hacks
Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

Whether you’re an avid cooking fan or you just make yourself the occasional lunch when you feel like mixing up your takeout routine, you could definitely use some good kitchen hacks. Seriously, why not learn some useful tips and tricks to make your kitchen life hella easier? Here are a few cool hacks from TikToker Hello Kirsten that will make you wish you knew them sooner.

Better-Looking Salads

Do you know that sad, uncleanly look that store-bought lettuce can get? According to this video by Hello Kirsten, there’s something you can do to make your lettuce look all fresh and clean again! Just put it in a tub of ice water for a couple of hours, and it’s brand new and ready to be used in your salad.

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Optimal Produce Storage

This one sounds pretty basic but it can actually come in handy! It’s really hard to remember sometimes where to store the fruits and vegetables we bought in the supermarket. What goes inside the fridge and what can be left outside at room temperature? Hello Kirsten offers a simple solution: just remember where you got it from inside the supermarket, and store it accordingly. Who knew it was that simple?

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Tear-Free Onion Cutting

This one’s a true lifesaver. Tearing up while cutting onion can get pretty ugly, so next time this happens to you, just hold some water in your mouth while cutting. This should actually prevent your eyes from watering.

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