Create the Most Impressive Cheese Board With This Guide

Making your own cheeseboard at home is such a fun activity and it’s a beautiful centerpiece at any party. But, if you’re having trouble finding out where to start, this is the guide for you.


When you pick the cheeses for your cheeseboard, keep in mind that you should have somewhat of a safe option that you know everyone will like, such as cheddar. But, once you have that, you can go with more adventurous cheese like goat cheese, sheep’s milk cheese, or whatever you like.


It’s always nice to have some sort of fruit on a cheeseboard because everything else is usually very salty, so the fruit brings some relief to it. You can stick with the classic selection of grapes, or use seasonal berries, or citrus!


If you aren’t vegetarian, it’s fun to add in some charcuterie or dried meats to the board as well. When you pick your meat, go for things that have different levels of spiciness, texture, and taste. If you’re going to use something like prosciutto, make sure you fold them up so guests can easily take it instead of clumsily taking a long piece of meat.