David Frenkiel: The King of Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Fare

If you’re looking to provide vegetarian food to your whole family, it isn’t always the easiest task. As we all know, children are sometimes picky eaters. Things get even more complicated when you take meat out of the picture.

Fortunately for us, David Frenkiel over at @gkstories provides us with a gold mine of vegetarian options for all ages on his brilliant Instagram page.

The author of Little Green Kitchen, a cookbook full of vegetarian, kid-friendly recipes, also provides his followers with tons of delicious meat-free meal ideas.

As the father of two young girls, Frenkiel knows well the challenges of making food without using meat that both parents and kids love. A quick look at his page proves, however, that what is difficult is not impossible. Who wouldn’t love this vegetarian potato and lentil salad sandwich, for example?

Vegetarian cooking is appropriate and healthy for people of all ages, and that includes kids too. Be sure to give Frenkiel a follow if you’re looking to find new vegetarian recipes for your children and family!