Do You Know What Chai Tea Is?

We know that chai tea is popular, but if you’re not sure what exactly it is, here’s your chance to learn. 

Chai tea is an amazing beverage that has the power to calm you down and warm your heart when you need it the most. It first appeared in India thousands of years ago. According to the legend, originally it was made using native spices and it was used for healing practice Ayurveda. The word “chai” actually means tea, so you can also call “chai tea” “tea tea” and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Chai tea as we know it today is made using black tea and aromatic spices. There’s a difference between chai tea and a chai tea latte, though many believe they refer to the same thing. Chai tea latte actually contains a lot more sugar and can also have added cream or sweetener. It’s commonly served with whipped cream, too.

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Chai tea, however, gets its flavor from milk, some sugar, and traditional spices like ginger and cardamom. It comes with many health benefits like improving heart health and reducing cholesterol.