Don’t Throw Away Your Chicken Drippings!

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

Whenever you cook a chicken, unless you’re frying it, you’re most likely going to end up with some liquid at the end of the cooking process. This liquid is a combination of fat and the juices that are inside a chicken, and though it might seem like something to throw away, don’t! This liquid is pure gold, and it can totally change the way you cook. 


You can use these drippings to make an amazing pan sauce by just adding a little flour and some butter or wine to bring it together. Heat it until it’s thickened slightly, and you have an easy and quick sauce. 


Nothing loves chicken drippings more than potatoes. Use the drippings in a skillet to make the best hash of your life, or if you’ve roasted a chicken, keep the juices in the baking tray and roast the potatoes right in there!


Rice can be super boring if you don’t flavor it well, and what better way to season it than with chicken drippings! All you have to do is add your regular amount of water or stock to the rice, and drop in the chicken drippings along with it and cook like normal. The flavor of your rice will be elevated so much, you’ll never go back to cooking the old way.