You should Eat More Fruits Compote

Image via _food_enthusiast_/Instagram

If you love sweet and you love fruits, you must probably love fruit compotes. The mixture of fruits and sugar is the perfect way to end a full course meal or even start your day with it.

Compote is a French word, meaning mixture. It started as a remedy for balancing the effects of humidity on the human body. Fruits compotes can be served with greek yogurt, whipped cream or can also be accompanied by a piece of cake or biscuits.

How To Make a Fruits Compote?

Cooking up some fruits compote on your own isn’t complicated at all. You should just choose your favorite fruits or berries, boil them in water and add plenty of sugar and different spices by choice.

To give it an extra flavor you could also add vanilla extract to the syrup or add a cinnamon stick while it’s boiling. Adding some orange peel or grated coconut will also give you a little something extra.