5 Foods Nutritionists Wish You Would Never Eat

Photo by Sambazon on Unsplash

There are foods that nutritionists recommend you to eat, and others that they don’t really like but let you eat for special occasions. And then there are the foods that nutritionists wish you would never eat again. Discover which ones they are so you can try to avoid it.

Salad Dressing From The Shelf

“I just made a salad for lunch! I am so proud of myself!” So, no. You may cut some fresh vegetables and make a salad but the dressing you just bought in the grocery store isn’t doing you any good. This dressing has been sitting on that shelf maybe for a while and includes low-quality oils with preservatives your body doesn’t need. Try making your own dressing instead and if you really do not have time, buy the ones from the refrigerator, they might be more pricey but are certainly healthier.

Tomato Sauce

It is very easy to just open a can of already-made tomato sauce and pour it on your pasta, but these cans are high in sodium levels and additives. Rather, try using the freshly chopped tomatoes cans, add some olive oil, basil leaves and garlic, and trust me, you will have a much tastier tomato sauce and healthier at the same time.

Spray Butter

Rumors were saying that butter was unhealthy but spray butter was totally fine. No, no and no. Try cooking with olive oil instead.


Granola is often considered as a healthy cereal or addition to your yogurt. But the ones you buy in the store are usually high in calories, contain a lot of sugar and salt. If you’re making your own, you can reduce the level of sugar and add some fresh fruits and nuts.

Beef From Factory-Farms

Factory-farmed cattle are usually receiving hormones to make them grow faster and are following a grain-based diet. Instead, go for alternative sources of beef that grow on the grass. This will give you more omega-3 acids.