Elisa Rossi’s Plant-Based Recipes Are Changing Lives

Eating plant-based food is a trend that continues to grow by the day, and Elisa Rossi is one lady who’s leading the way. Known for her Instagram page Happy’s Kin Kitchen, this London-based chef creates holistic plant-based recipes that are cutting edge and delicious.

But her 256,000-plus followers love her for her journey as well as her talents. After continuous battles with hormonal acne, Rossi turned over a new leaf when she embraced natural food only. Here are some of her most recent creations!

Sweet Potato & Tenderstem Satay Curry

If you love Indian food with more of an organic twist, this is the optimal dish for you. Bursting with flavor and a variety of textures, this tasty curry is the perfect dinner for a warm winter’s night.

Spaghetti “Neatballs”

Yes, you read that correctly. Rossi offers Spaghetti and “Neatballs”, which is her plant-based alternative to meatballs. Based on how incredible this looks, we probably wouldn’t even notice the difference!

Tofu Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells

This cheesy yet healthy dish is filled with protein, and won’t make you feel bloated when you’re done eating it. Paired with tomato sauce, it’s perfect for lunch or a dinner side dish.