Drink Bombs are Taking Over the Internet, Have You Tried These Ones Yet?

Photo by Yulia Khlebnikova on Unsplash

Over the past year, we’ve been seeing drink bombs everywhere. It all started with hot cocoa bombs around Christmas time and now it’s emerged into broth bombs, tea bombs, and cocktail bombs. These bombs are as much about aesthetics as they are for taste. Have you tried them all yet?

Hot Cocoa Bombs

The original drink bomb consists of chocolate spheres loaded with marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and cocoa that explode when they come in contact with hot water or hot milk.

Broth Bombs

Broth bombs contain seasonings and spices for soups, stews, and chilies that fizz when they’re put into something hot. They take all the guesswork out of trying to perfectly season soups.

Tea Bombs

These colorful, glittery, candy-covered works of art, explode when placed it hot water. The shell is made from a sugar substitute derived from sugar beets. You can use either loose-leaves or teabags for these creations.

Cocktail Bombs

The newest drink bombs are cocktail bombs which are full of mixers that explode when placed in carbonated drinks like sparkling water, seltzer, or club soda. You still have to add alcohol and ice to complete the cocktail.