Fall in Love With Funfetti Desserts With Peanut Butter and Jilly Beans

If you enjoy sweet treats that look as amazing as they taste, funfetti desserts will be your cup of tea. Jill of Peanut Butter and Jilly Beans is a true master when it comes to making desserts filled with rainbow sprinkles, and here are some of her very best recipes so far.

Funfetti Sweet Rolls

If you want to put a fun and colorful twist on the classic cinnamon rolls, the recipe for these funfetti sweet rolls topped with sprinkles in all the colors of the rainbow will get you there.

Funfetti Donuts

Vegan and gluten-free donuts are one of Jill’s specialties, and these ones will win you over with their soft texture, delicious taste, and colorful sprinkles peaking from the inside.

Funfetti Cupcakes

If cupcakes happen to be your all-time favorite dessert, you can try making them even more adorable by adding some sprinkles to the batter and topping them with vegan buttercream frosting.

Funfetti Pancakes

Looking for a way to make your pancakes even more vibrant and delicious? Rainbow sprinkles will get you there!

Funfetti Cake

After mastering all previous recipes, get ready to prepare this fluffy and moist loaf cake that owes its irresistible taste to vanilla icing and colorful sprinkles it’s filled with.